Investing in schools, investing in future leaders


I am writing as a retiree and a grandmother who plans to vote YES on the Wilmington City Schools income tax levy. I encourage others to do the same. Election Day is May 2, although early voting is underway.

The levy is 0.75%, less than the 1% levy that recently expired. If passed, the funds collected would support operating costs and ongoing permanent improvements in the schools.

Investing in schools is investing in our future leaders. Developmental Assets research suggests children benefit from knowing the adults in their community care about them. Consistently failing levies sends a very clear message to our young impressionable children.

My three sons received an excellent education in Wilmington schools and I want the same opportunities for my grandchildren. I know several young families who could easily live elsewhere but have chosen to remain in Wilmington to raise their children. I feel it is my duty to help provide them with the best schools possible.

Sheilah Cosgrove Boland

Wilmington, Ohio

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