Search for new C-M superintendent underway


CLARKSVILLE — The Clinton-Massie Local School District is currently searching for a new superintendent following the resignation of Matt Baker, the current superintendent.

At the previous board meeting held on April 17, Baker announced his resignation, with his last day set for June 30. In a special board meeting held on Monday night, board members announced that they would be using the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) to help in the hiring process for a new superintendent. Colleagues Beth Justice and Rogina Conroy from SOESC will be assisting in the search process.

During Monday’s board meeting, Justice read a short excerpt from author Jim Mahoney, a long-time educator and entrepreneur, about finding a new superintendent: “The first most important role is to select a superintendent who in turn, needs to figure out how to best work with these, usually elected community members to make good things happen for children. The time you spend upfront deciding, clarifying, understanding how you operate together will save time and heartache later. A construction manager once said to me in a large scale building project, why is there never enough money to do something right in the first place, but there’s always enough to do it over when it’s been screwed up?”

Justice emphasized the importance of spending time upfront.

The job posting for the superintendent position went out on May 1 and will be up for two weeks. Applications need to be submitted by May 15. Interested candidates can find the posting information on the Clinton-Massie website ( and the SOESC website (

The board members are on a tight deadline and hope to conduct first-round interviews on May 30 and 31, with second-round interviews on June 6. According to board president Jeremy Lamb, he will be looking for a candidate who has “a lot of energy, wants to really be all in at Clinton-Massie, I think there are some negotiables on residency but they have to be that all-in superintendent. And just a good leader. Then the board can figure out how we adapt to what their characteristics are to deliver what’s needed to keep both achievement and the district in the right direction.”

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