Antique Power Club awards scholarships


The Antique Power Club of Clinton County recently awarded scholarships to Madison Brausch, a Clinton- Massie High School graduate, studying at the Catholic University of America; Lily Collins, a Blanchester High School graduate, studying at Bowling Green State; and Brian Miller, a Blanchester High School graduate, studying at The Ohio State University.

Since 2001, the Antique Power Club has awarded 100 scholarships to college and technical school students totaling $74,000

The club’s plan is to award five scholarships per year, one each to a graduate of East Clinton, Clinton-Massie, Wilmington, and Blanchester high schools, and the fifth scholarship to be given to an eligible Antique Power Club member, member’s spouse, child or grandchild who has graduated from a high school outside of Clinton County.

For more information about the scholarships that are awarded to second year full-time college or technical school students, visit the website

Scholarship applications will be available at the Corn Festival and the deadline for applications to be submitted is December 31, 2023.

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