Branstrator grain feeds Dorothy Lane Market customers


CLARKSVILLE — A local farmer’s grain is being used for Dorothy Lane Market’s bread.

Jon Branstrator recently has been wholesaling with the local grocery chain along with other local bakers in the Dayton and Columbus areas.

Branstrator told the News Journal he got interested in milling in the late 1970s.

“I had bought a small meadows mills back then and was milling for Ha Ha’s Pizza in Yellow Springs … and some different smaller stores. Then I left the farm for many years, I came back and I got involved with fruits and vegetables,” he said.

When that ended a few years ago, he remembered his time milling. So, he started attending conferences, had a good time attending them, and got back into milling.

In regards to Dorothy Lane Market, Branstrator was presenting at a grain school in Yellow Springs and Dorothy Lane’s head baker was present. When he brought the baker and his class to his farm for demonstrations, the baker said he wanted Branstrator’s product.

Branstrator said he’s now delivering around a ton of various flours a month to the store. He anticipates having bags of his flour for sale at the store in the future.

“Feeding the world is fantastic but I love feeding my neighbors,” said Branstrator.

According to the Dorothy Lane Market website, the first location opened in August of 1948 at the corner of Far Hills Avenue and Dorothy Lane in Oakwood, on the south side of Dayton.

Today, Dorothy Lane Market, with several locations in Southwest Ohio, plus a growing national online presence, continues to be locally owned and operated. Dorothy Lane Market has been recognized for great food and service in national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Gourmet Retailer.

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