Vote ‘No’ on Issue 1


The GOP-controlled Ohio legislature in May passed a bill that creates an Aug. 8 election to end Ohioans’ right to directly amend their state consitituion with a simple majority vote. Last December, a law was passed to eliminate August elections due to low turnout and expense; an estimated $20 million statewide. In May, this ban reversed a bill passed a few months earlier.

If passed, it would make it much harder to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot by increasing the threshold from 50 to 60 percent. Direct democracy — one man, one vote — has existed for more than a century. The reason for the amendment is a push to enshrine a popular issue, abortion, as a constitutional right. It is the only issue on the ballot.

Abortion is a separate issue to be decided at a later date. A claim is made that it is a necessary adjustment to protect Ohioans from wealthy out-of-state interests. Yet, these same politicians accept out-of-state donations. We may want to consider starting a petition drive to require a vote of 60 percent to win a seat in the Ohio legislature. Vote NO on issue 1.

Don Spurling


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