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Clinton Co. Health District releases food inspections


The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health District and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health District by calling 937-382-3829.

The Escape, 36 W. Sugartree st., Wilmington.

  • Found three comp sink and hand sink at new bar side with low light intensity. Add LED light so that there is 20 FC of light in these two areas.
  • Found that not all equipment is being used at this time. Must inform inspector once it is in use for inspection
  • Must ensure that manager training certificate is validated as ODH manager food safety training
  • Discussed strong TCS foods in rear of walk in, washing hands before any food prep, cooking.
  • Facility is very clean

Cowan Lake Commissary, 1756 Osborn Rd., Wilmington.

  • Found packaged sanitizer stored with packaged food contact surfaces, person in charged moved to prevent potential chemical contamination
  • Receptacle with lid needed in restroom for feminine hygiene waste

Lumberton General Store, 8295 US Highway 68, Wilmington.

  • No consumer advisory on the menu for eggs offered undercooked. Advisory should read “Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk for food borne illness. Also, need to place an asterick beside the food offered undercooked.
  • Labels are needed on the grab and go desserts and popsicles in the front cooler. Labels need to include common name, 20 list of ingredients and subingredients in descending order of predominance by weight
  • Accurate declaration of net quantity of contents
  • Name they and place of business of manufacturer, packer, or distributor, and name each major allergen
  • Label all bulk containers with common name and ensure home produced products list the address of the home in which item is produced
  • Raise light intensity in the walk in cooler
  • Discussed use of speedrack inside the walk in cooler/freezer to cool foods.

Ahresty, 3306 Progress Way, Wilmington.

  • Food inspector rescheduled 30 day (due to personal emergency) and rescheduled
  • The door locked during testing, however there is an aftermarket lock added to the unit which confuses the testing

Yamamoto, 1362 Rombach, Ave, Wilmington.

  • All previous violations were corrected
  • Facility is now using a 4 hour discard time for the sushi rice. The chef records cook time and discard time in notebook
  • Facility may purchase a new PH meter, were told to email information regarding the meter

Valley Concession BBQ, 573 Falcon Hill Way, Wilmington.

  • Found bacon stored above ready to eat items. Person in charge moved to prevent potential biological contamination
  • Please obtain food thermometer
  • Observe proper storage order to prevent potential contamination

Strebers, 299 South Street, Wilmington.

  • Found raw shell eggs stored above ready to eat (packaged) foods. Must move eggs below all ready to eat to prevent biological contamination
  • Found bottle of bleach stored near sleeved single use cups. Person in charge moved to prevent potential chemical contamination
  • More cleaning needed on wheels of the fryer and inside cabinets to remove food debris

Countryside YMCA, 2556 Lebanon Road, Clarksville.

  • Found ziplock bags of pepperoni slices not date-marked. Must discard after seven days. Person in charge date-marked the bags

Buffalo Wild Wings, 143 Fairway Drive, Wilmington

  • All actions corrected from previous inspection
  • Reminded that kitchen staff with beards must wear a beard restraint when cooking or prepping food

Subway (Inside Walmart), 2825 OH 73, Wilmington

  • Received complaint that the glass covering food at the front make stand was dirty, upon inspection is was clean
  • Must coach employees to wash hands before putting on gloves or switching tasks. Person in charge coached associate

Mediterranean Restaurant, 53 E Main Street, Wilmington

  • Observed a gap at the side of the exit delivery door. Must fill to prevent potential entry to pests
  • Observed wet (damp) wiping clothes on the counter and on one bowl. Store wet clothes in santi solution
  • Found larger stacked round food containers with some wet, allow to air dry completely before stacking together
  • Black fan above clean dish shelf needs cleaned and dusted
  • Fill large gap along steps and wall near the delivery door
  • Discussed cooling temperatures and glove use

Eagles Lodge, 141 Sugar Tree, Wilmington

  • Ice machine not working, it has been worked on. Company is coming back to deep clean. Must send a picture.

The Corner Market, 10 Main St, Wilmington

  • Found three live insects near the market table and handwash sink. Must wipe out the interior of sink, cabinet, and walls
  • Must schedule another pest control and inquire about more frequent service

Tin Cap, 59 W Sugartree St. Wilmington

  • Found no paper towels for use near upstairs hand sink.
  • Found chemical spray bottles hanging from food prep sink, must store in a different area
  • Need to use a more shallow pan to cool wings
  • Observed single use fry boats stored non inverted, must store inverted to protect interior
  • Test the time temperature parameters

General Denver, 81 W. Main, Wilmington

  • Found fish (in box) stored beneath ground hamburger in the walk in cooler. Person in charge corrected storage order
  • Found thawed cheesecake in the reach in without a datemark. Discard after the 7th day
  • Microwave interior in need of a cleaning from food debris
  • Repair hole in the ceiling above catering items in basement
  • Found fish (raw) in pop packs thawing without opening for air. Open packages when placed for thaw
  • Found personal items hanging with from shelves with food. Must keep separate to prevent contamination
  • Must observe proper storage order

Blanchester Drive Thru, 513 S. Broadway St

  • Found live bait stored above pop, person in charge moved so it is stored away from food
  • Floor of restroom needs more cleaning
  • All other 30 day items were corrected from previous visit