Clinton-Massie HS Students of the Month announced


CLARKSVILLE — Clinton-Massie High School’s Students of the Month for the month of September have been announced:

Freshmen: Brooklynn Beckett and Bryson Lamb

Sophomores: Riley Blom and Isaac Young

Juniors: Carly Thompson and Oliver Wright

Seniors: Louissa Brewer and Tayten McCoy

CMHS also wants to recognize students for their outstanding behavior and contributions to their school and community. The following students were nominated by staff members:

Caring: Shayne Baker (Kasten and McGraw), Brooklynn Beckett (Sternsher), Riley Blom (Holter), Bryson Lamb (Kasten), Sydni Linebaugh (Rolf), Abbie Lee (Rolf), Liam Short (Adams), and Jack Thamann (Adams)

Problem Solver: Treygen Byington (Richardson), Finn Denehy (Richardson), Marshall Hunter (Richardson and Rolf), Jay Shivener (Richardson), Tristen Trampler (Richardson), Oliver Wright (Richardson), and Isaac Young (Richardson)

Responsible: Kaylee McCollister (Morgan) and Sophia Purvis (Adams)

Trustworthy: Brooklynn Beckett (Adams)

Willing to Learn: Jack Anderson (Graves), Riley Blom (Graves), Aubrey Carlisle (Graves), Ricky Harner (McGraw), and Zak Moon (Graves)

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