WHS announces Sept. Students of the Month


Wilmington High School announced its September Students of the Month. The following are descriptions of the students’ work by their teachers:

Art Department: Isaiah Simich

Isaiah is the Art Department student of the month for September. The art 2 still life project can be challenging because translating 3-D objects onto paper does not come easily to students. Isaiah was very receptive to feedback and persevered past challenges in his drawing. He also took advantage of the extra credit opportunity that was related to the project and had a fantastic outcome.

Social Studies Department: Dominic Storer

Dominic Storer works well with other students, participates in class, and is engaged with the content of the class. Dominic continues to complete work on time, uses class time wisely, and is able to connect the content of the class with the world outside of the classroom.

English Department: Madison Harris

Madison impressed the department right away this year. First, she is taking the CCP English course, and in the process of enrolling, she was extraordinarily patient and kind while advocating for herself in mature ways. Most importantly, though, I have seen Madison challenge herself to bravely take on leadership roles that could seem daunting to a different person. For example, on just the second week of school, she stepped up to be a leader of a classroom discussion. I am so proud and impressed with her for volunteering to be a leader in an activity meant to build classroom community. Also, she works hard in our class, is willing to share her work, and accepts editing suggestions with a real desire to be the best she can be. Way to be impressive.

Math Department: Andrew Norman

Andrew has completely turned it around this year! He is coming to class on time, participating in discussions, completing his work, and even asks for more challenging assignments. I knew that Andrew had it in him to shine, and I am so proud that he is showing us just how amazing that he can be this year.

Exceptional Student Education: Tony Hatten

Tony has come back to school this year motivated to learn and grow. He has been ready to work daily and willing to learn new skills. He works with new peers and has embraced new friendships. Tony is a joy to be around and a leader in the classroom.

Foreign Language Department: David Young

David earned the student of the month status due to his ability to focus and pick up on new vocabulary. David is a French 1 student who is able to answer complex questions asked in French.

Science Department: Azra Guevara

Azra’s passion for science shines in the classroom. She pushes her teachers to give her learning opportunities that are challenging and thought provoking. Her drive to excel in science class is shown by her willingness to help her classmates and her determination to learn more. The passion she has for science is passed on to everyone around her in class. Azra is a true leader, she expects a lot out of herself, her teachers and her classmates. We appreciate her enthusiasm for science and her passion to understand the world around her. Thank you Azra for being excited to learn!

Band Department: Trey Reed

The Band program would like to recognize Trey Reed as the September Student of the Month. Trey is very active in the Band program where he participated in all of our programs and serves on the Band Leadership team. Trey is also active in the Dayton Carillon park band and is already studying with professors at Wright State University. We continue to be impressed and energized by Trey’s passion towards Music.

Independent Studies: Colt Byrd

Our choice for September student of the month is Colt Byrd. Through the past 3 years I’ve had Colt, and he has always followed the classroom expectations during his time in class. What makes him stand out this early in the year is the number of times I see him in the day, and he is always doing the right things consistently. Thank you Colt, for the example you always set. We appreciate it.

Ag Education: Emily Goodwin

Emily has been a great addition to our FFA chapter and ag department. She has been a very active greenhand member of our FFA chapter. In class Emily actively participates, gets her work done, and helps other classmates. This year she has already jumped into helping our FFA chapter at FFA meetings and has joined our soil judging team. Keep up the good work Emily!

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