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23-24 Winter Preview: Blanchester bowling


Paul Jackson is in his second season as the Blanchester High School bowling program.

The girls were 8-4 last season while the boys, bowling many matches with just four bowlers, went 3-9.

Katelyn Toles was first team all-league for the Wildcats last season. Makayla Lanham and Emily Wilson were seniors on the BHS team. Lanham was fourth in the league tournament and Toles finished fifth.

Tole is the top returning bowler on the girls side among the four returning bowlers. Jackson said a lot of student-athletes have expressed an interest in bowling but practice not start until Nov. 3, several days after this report was submitted.

“If all kids come out that say they are, this could be a big list,” Jackson said of potential newcomers.

There are three boys returning. Braxton McFaddin was the top boys bowler last year but graduated in the spring.

Jackson said Toles has taken leadership of the girls program. She leads by example, he said, and “doesn’t get upset when she makes a mistake or gets a bad break.”

Lauren Kaehler, Jackson added, has the ability to keep the team motivated and spirits high.

On the boys side, Randy Eckman is another leader by example. He “pays attention to other bowlers and uses that to improve his game. The other members of the team talk to him about their game.”

Dane Skates also has the “ability to keep the team motivated and spirits high. Works with teammates if he sees them doing something different than usual,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the team needs to stay focused and consistent with its approach and release to be competitive.

”This is a high-spirited bunch of young men and women,” he said. “The core of this team does a lot of things together. They want to learn, improve and be at the top of the game. On both teams we had all players improve, improve anywhere from 20 to 40 pins from the beginning of the season or the year before.”

Nov 27^Bethel-Tate^BatBowl^330 pm

Dec 1^Clermont NE^BatBowl^330 pm

Dec 4^Western Bowl^RZL^4 pm

Dec 6^Clermont NE^RZL^4 pm

Dec 11^Georgetown^RZL^4 pm

Dec 13^Bethel-Tate^RZL^4 pm

Dec 18^East Clinton^RZL^4 pm

Dec 20^East Clinton^RZL^4 pm

Jan 3^Felicity^A^4 pm

Jan 8^Wilmington^RZL^4 pm

Jan 10^Williamsburg^RZL^4 pm

Jan 15^Royal Z Invitational^RZL^4 pm

Jan 18^Goshen^Estgte^330 pm

Jan 24^Goshen^RZL^4 pm

Jan 25^Williamsburg^BatBowl^330 pm

Jan 29^Clinton-Massie^RZL^4 pm

Jan 30^Georgetown^A^4 pm

Feb 3^SBAAC Championship^RZL^9 am