C-M moves forward with new field turf project


CLARKSVILLE — The Clinton-Massie Local School District’s April Board of Education meeting held on Monday delved into various updates and discussions. The meeting commenced with an Athletic Boosters update, where athletic director Brian Carey and athletic booster member Brent Scherz presented a comprehensive update on the ongoing efforts to raise funds for the installation of new turf at the high school football field.

Scherz highlighted the significant progress made since the boosters’ inception, saying, “We currently have 53 paying members, with 614 members on our Facebook group page.”

He further outlined the various revenue streams, including membership fees, donations, and fundraising events like March Madness and golf outings. Scherz emphasized the boosters’ commitment to enhancing the student athletic experience, particularly focusing on the urgent need to address the deteriorating condition of the turf field.

Carey echoed Scherz’s sentiments, expressing gratitude for the community’s support and dedication to the project. He shared, “One committee member stood up during our last meeting after the levy had failed and said, ‘We need to get together and see what we can do together as a committee.’ When we walked out of that room that day, we had roughly $93,000. There is about 20 to 25 members of the committee.”

Carey also said that just earlier in the day, they had a $6,000 donation from another committee member to add onto that.

Scherz highlighted the urgency of the turf project, underscoring the need for a new field as the current one is on the brink of failing G Max testing. “We are very close to failing on the next test and losing the whole field. It is an absolute need to have,” said Scherz.

Carey, after researching multiple quotes, highlighted the competitive pricing offered by the Motz Group, a turf field company. He noted that the sales representative from Motz was able to provide a discount after recognizing the project’s community-driven nature.

“The first estimate we got from Motz was $560,000 and then we were eventually able to get them down to $523,000,” said Carey.

The urgency of addressing the deteriorating condition of the field was emphasized, with Carey underscoring that neglecting the turf would ultimately lead to significant expenses in maintaining grass fields if they were to go back to grass.

“We are very close to failing on the next test and losing the whole field,” Carey said. “Turning it back into grass, you’ll end up spending more money on upkeep and wages to help maintain the field.”

Further discussions were held about whether to proceed with the turf project with the Motz Group. Despite concerns about fundraising, the board ultimately voted in favor of moving forward with the project. They were reminded that they have two years with zero-percent interest to pay it off with Motz Group.

Additionally, board member Jeremy Lamb said, “They have the $113,000 that was raised and the money from the turf rental and the concessions to start off. We would flow that money to Motz to start paying off that balance.”

Lamb also emphasized the importance of continued fundraising efforts, saying, “Let’s make sure we keep working on the donors. We can’t take our foot off the gas at this point.”

During the public participation segment, parents of open enrollment students voiced their concerns over the district’s decision to discontinue open enrollment for certain grades. One parent said, “If money can be raised, donated, and found within three weeks to save the turf, surely keeping 51 open enrollment students shouldn’t be that hard.”

Former board member Kathleen Norman commended the school’s lacrosse coach and athletic trainer for their handling of a recent incident at a lacrosse game that required CareFlight and shared positive feedback from a band trip to Florida. She also highlighted the success of the school’s musical production of “Grease,” which raised over $7,000. She also reminded the board of the Art Festival on May 11 from 4-7 p.m.

The board also approved the quote from Frye Mechanical for the replacement of the elementary water heater.

Additionally, former Clinton-Massie High School assistant principal, Rachel Cornett, was appointed as the new middle school principal during the meeting. Cornett said, “I am excited to transition into this new position. As a graduate of Clinton-Massie, it is truly an honor for me to return to the middle school and serve both the students and staff as their principal.”

To learn more about different fundraising events or to donate, individuals are encouraged to join the Facebook group called “Clinton-Massie Athletics Boosters.”

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