Back into the wild


WILMINGTON — The release of a rehabilitated great horned owl on New Oglesbee Road in Wilmington on Monday was a exceptional event, according to local resident Lora Walker, who initially found the owl.

Seven dedicated volunteers from the Raptors group in Cincinnati attended the release. Property owners Seth Adkins and Kierstin were also present, with Seth performing the actual release. Cindy and Mark Eaverson brought the owl to the site.

Lora Walker discovered the injured owl on Sept. 17, 2023 on New Oglesbee Road. After reaching out to friends involved with a Raptor Rescue in Columbus, she was directed to the Cincinnati group, who cared for the owl for eight months. The owl was released back to where it was originally found on May 20.

There was an extensive rehabilitation process, including the “mouse school” the owl attended to prepare for its return to the wild. This helps them practice and hone their natural hunting instincts.

The dedication of this unique group of caring individuals, described as “angels” by Walker, made the successful release possible.

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