The importance of Christ’s resurrection

We are now entering the season of Lent. Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) is over and the season is set to prepare our hearts and lives for the passion of the Christ. For many years now, I have made it a practice during this time of the year especially to ask people what the resurrection of Christ means to them. The answers I have received generally are rather amazing. Some very vibrant Christians have enthusiastically embraced the concept as being all-important, and essential to their faith and to their lives. Others – most, I am sad to say – just seem to take it in stride and either verbally or through their body language indicate that it does not seem to be that big of a deal.

Psalm 119: Opening ourselves up to revival

This is article four of a four-part series on Psalm 119.

Giving the gift of prayer

The children and I have come to enjoy our times spent with my cousin Josh, his wife Joyce, and their five children. At any given time they, as many others, have been there for us during these times of adjusting and readjusting as we miss Daniel.

A holiday for sweethearts

From time to time, I find myself reviewing what I have written in times past and wish I could repeat these words. Well, today is a perfect time for that to be accomplished. Valentine’s Day is now history, but, in essence, it is a “holiday for sweethearts.” And long past all the cards, flowers, and chocolates, its impact will not soon be forgotten.

Exploring Psalm 119: Part Three

This is article three of a four-part series on Psalm 119.

Super Bowl ads will tout Jesus ‘gets us’ to the masses

The religiously wary, the spiritually curious — and anyone inclined to appeal to a higher power on game day — are the target audience for a Super Bowl ad campaign with a simple message: Jesus loves them.

Living on the last half of everything

Why is it so easy to always be living on the last half of everything? Whether it’s the last half of energy, the last half of time, the last half of resources, we so naturally plan and do all we possibly can.

Just be there….

I received a phone call from a cousin the other day. He has been a dentist in Nashville, Tennessee for many years, but recently retired from that career to winter in a beachfront condo in Jupiter Beach, Florida. His days are spent laying on the beach and playing golf. In fact, it was his golf game that caused him to make contact with me.

Further exploration of Psalm 119

This is article two of a four-part series on Psalm 119.