Constructing freedom without a plumb line

My high school class of 1973 is having our 50th reunion this summer. I’ve been out of school four times as long as I was in school. As the current expression goes, that’s crazy!

Whom do you look like?

Sam was a seminary classmate of mine. He was a great person, but one of the most remarkable things about him was his….hair! He had the thickest mop of brown hair a person could ever want. One day, he came to class and he had just had his hair “permed.” The “do” was curly and compact, in the “Afro” style that was popular in those days. But what made it even more remarkable was the next time I saw Sam’s wife, Vickie, she had an identical perm in her hair! Other than the not-so-obvious height difference (they were close to the same height!), if you saw Sam and Vickie off in the distance, it was hard to tell them apart! And they enjoyed that similarity very much!

National Day of Prayer event to be held at CMH

A National Day of Prayer event will be held at Clinton Memorial Hospital (CMH) Thursday, May 4 at noon.

Anybody want a waffle?

Not too long ago I went to one of our local restaurants with a friend of mine, and we were sitting there perusing the menu, and I, being the weight-conscious soul that I am, decided to splurge and order a “Belgian Waffle!” Now I don’t know about you, but my expectation of a Belgian Waffle is as pictured in the menu - a traditional waffle smothered with strawberries or some other fruit and topped off with a small mountain of whipped cream, perhaps with even a cherry on top!

Sometimes, kindness is costly

I have an acquaintance who serves as a waitress here in town. I respect her, know the struggles she’s pressed through, and admire her fortitude and diligence. I am compelled to uphold and encourage her. For the sake of this story, let’s just say her name is Michele.

The simple act of faith

I’ve always classified myself as a farm girl. I’d romp in the hay with my brothers, help Dad milk the goats, and dream of marrying a farmer.

Have you had too much Easter yet?

Well, are you sick of Easter yet? No, I did not say “tired” of it. I said “sick” and meant it. When I was growing up, every Easter Sunday began with our getting up early, oftentimes before daylight, so we could go to a Community Easter Sunrise Service, regularly held on the high school football field, where all the churches in the community joined together in one united worship service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But before that, my sisters and I were always awakened by our parents and encouraged in those pre-dawn moments when we were bleary-eyed and still half asleep, to search diligently all over the house for Easter baskets with our names on them.

Emptied out to fill us up

We just celebrated Easter, when most all Christian churches focus on Jesus’ empty grave. I was thinking about the word “empty.” It can be one of three parts of speech, either a verb, noun, or adjective. Most commonly used as an adjective, it means “containing nothing” or “not occupied,” but it can also imply “having no purpose,” or “lacking meaning, or value.”

Marking a year since Daniel’s passing

This week was like no other in my life. Exactly a year ago our lives changed forever. My husband, Daniel was called home to Jesus.

Sabina Area Christian Women meet

Sabina Area Christian Women met Tuesday, April 3 with ladies of the Richland Methodist Church hosting the event.